A Few Good Books

by Captain James R. Watson

Canoecraft by Ted Moores and Marylyn Mohr

Canoecraft—By Ted Moores & Marilyn Mohr

Step-by-step instructions for building a strip composite canoe. Features detailed drawings and photographs. Includes offsets for 7 designs. Revised and expanded. 32 pages.



building a strip canoe

Building a Strip Canoe by Gil Gilpatrick

Building a Strip Canoe—By Gil Gilpatrick

Step-by-step instructions for building a strip composite canoe. Features details drawings and photographs. Includes half-scaled patterns for 8 canoes, paddles, and
seats. Also provides repair strategies. Second edition. 160 pages.



Kevlar Canoe

Building your KevlarTM Canoe

Building Your Kevlar Canoe—By James Moran

Describes the tools and materials needed for this unique method of lightweight construction. Includes 3 designs. 184 pages, illustrated.



building with baltek duracore

Boatbuilding with Baltek Durakore—By David Brown

Describes mold building and stripping with Durakore™, a veneer covered balsa plank product trademarked by Baltek Corporation. Text explains how to apply reinforcing fabrics and provides specific information for working with the Durakore material. 304 pages.


Fine Boat Finishes

Fine Boat Finishes

Fine Boat Finishes—By Paul & Marya Butler

A good reference manual for cosmetic repairs and finishing of wooden and fiberglass boats. 160 pages, illustrated.



plywood projects

Plywood Projects—By Paul & Marya Butler

35 easy-to-build projects from boats to hot tubs to truck camper caps. Heavily illustrated, contains easy to understand instructions. 293 pages. Available from Rodale Press, 33 E. Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098, 610-967-5171.


Fiberglass & Other Composites

Fiberglass & Other Composite Materials by Forbes Aird

Fiberglass & Other Composite Materials—By Forbes Aird

Aird uses many drawings and photographs to describe the details of plug, mold and parts construction of race cars and boats. Discusses the use of a variety of composite materials, including carbon fiber and Kevlar™, and describes how to select them. Also covers vacuum bagging. 160 pages.


Ultralight Boatbuilding

Ultralight Boatbuilding by Thomas J. Hill

Ultralight Boatbuilding—By Thomas J. Hill

This book details bonded plywood lapstrake construction. Hill describes several good building techniques in its 114 pages. Includes 140 illustrations.



Sailboat Deck & Hull Repair

Sailboat Deck & Hull Repair

Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair—By Don Casey

Contains several good ideas for making structural and cosmetic repairs. Includes repairs to foam core rudders. 128 pages with numerous illustrations.



The laminated wood boat builder

The Laminated Wood Boatbulder

The Laminated Wood Boatbuilder—By Hub Miller

Step-by-step instructions for building laminated wooden boats. Includes many interior and hatch building details. It even has a chapter on pouring your own lead ballast. Contains many useful tips. Provides plans for a 12-foot rowing/sailing dinghy, a 28-foot powerboat, and a 32-foot sailboat. 240 pages, 117 illustrations.


Gluing and Clamping

Gluing and Clamping

Gluing and Clamping: A Woodworker’s Handbook—By Patrick Spielman

Discusses all the fundamentals of gluing and clamping, including what glue to use, what wood is best for a particular job, clamps and other tools used. The author provides a thorough exploration of gluing techniques, such as veneering, plastic laminates, curved wood lamination and making repairs. 256 pages, over 500 illustrations.