Large Scale Event Sculpture

Keith Tucker creates sculptures on a large scale. Most of his pieces are created for corporate events and the theater. Tucker glues together large blocks of 2 lb weight polystyrene. Tucker says it’s quite dense and retains detail well.

“I first do a number of drawings from all angles for the piece that will be sculpted. I always work through subtractive sculpting—starting with blocks and removing the material,” says Tucker. “It’s far less forgiving and if you make a mistake you’re usually stuck with it, or you have to alter the piece accordingly. But, I enjoy the challenge of that approach versus building up material. And, due to the cost and time constraints, it works great.”

Tucker uses WEST SYSTEM® 105 Resin with 206 Hardener, adding 406 Colloidal Silica for the foam coating. He applies several coats, and after the epoxy has cured, he sands down the pieces and applies a paint finish. Tucker says he is now starting to incorporate fiberglass into his pieces as well. See more of Keith Tucker’s work at