Outdoor Sculpture Sculptor

A Little Less Than Meets The Eye is a 9′ x 7′ x 6′, Fiberglass and polished aluminum sculpture installed at Raleigh, North Carolina, Art on City Plaza. 

by Mike Barker

Bill Wood has been making sculptures since high school. He has a degree in Art from Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kansas and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri. His work has been featured in shows from Connecticut to Key West and as far west as Topeka Kansas.

A Little Less Than Meets the Eye

sculpture under construction

A Little Less Than Meets the Eye undergoes a renovation with epoxy in Florida

Wood tells us, “I had been using Polyester Resin and 6 oz cloth for my sculpture and was experiencing problems with cracking. The cracking appeared when I started showing my work in Florida. I believe that the high heat and humidity caused the cracking. In trying to solve these problems I learned about WEST SYSTEM® epoxy, and began using it. A Little Less Than Meets the Eye was my first project using WEST SYSTEM to repair the cracking that appeared after spending a year in Winter Haven Florida’s 9th Annual Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition. A WEST SYSTEM Tech Adviser suggested I simply grind out the cracks and use the epoxy and filler, sand it, and paint. It was that easy, and after two years in two different shows the piece is crack-free and will need nothing more than a coat of paint before moving on to the next show.”

High Road

High Road is a 160″ x 42″ x 90″, fiberglass and steel. It was featured at The Studios of Key West Sculpture Garden from January through March of 2012. See more of Bill Wood’s work billwoodsculpture.com

Sculptor Bill Wood working on High Road

Sculptor Bill Wood working on High Road

The sculpture High Road under construction

The sculpture High Road under construction

High Road getting finished

The Sculpture "High Road" installed

High Road, a sculpture by Bill Wood, complete and installed