Harley Sportster 883

Readers’ Projects, Issue 37

Detail: Rafa Abella’s Harley Davidson Sportser 883.

Seat detail: Rafa Abella’s Harley Davidson Sportser 883, modified with carbon fiber and epoxy.

driftwood fountain

Garden fountain made from a hollow piece of driftwood coated with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. Submitted by Paul Foley.

golf club repar

Jerald Knox’s broken golf club, which he repaired with G/flex and wood shavings that he stained to match the club.

golf club repaired with epoxy

Completed repair of Jerold Knox’s wooden golf club.

Whitehall pulling boat

Rob Caveney built an 18’9″ Whiteball pulling boat (named INDIAN) using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.