Packard woody wagon repaired with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

Readers’ Projects, Issue 49

Packard Wagon Restoration

Packard woody wagon panels

This is the Packard wagon I am redoing the wood on. Some of the original wood will be reused. I bleached all the wood before I varnished it so it will match. On the panels, I used 105 Resin and 207 Special Clear Hardener to epoxy the mahogany veneers to the steel door panels. I clamped them by vacuum bagging them. —Jeff Hobgood

Art Casting with Epoxy

art casting with epoxy

“I’ve been making art castings with your epoxy. The first patch sold out in 24 hours. Loving this resin!” —Tia Severeno

art casting by Tia Severino

Art casting by Tia Severino