Plywood camper

Readers’ Projects, Issue 50

Plywood Camper

Doug Redfield of Bellingham, Washington built his plywood camper with marine-grade meranti plywood, G/flex® Epoxy for the assembly and joinery, and WEST SYSTEM® 105 Resin/205 Fast Hardener for coatings. He laminated a layer of light fiberglass cloth on the top, front, and sides.

plywood camper Doug Redfield's camper, rear view

plywood camper interior

Down East-Style Lobster Skiff

Wilkins Craftworks

Jamie Wilkins Down East Lobster Skiff

Featured photo Jamie Wilkins of Wilkins Craftworks in Elk Rapids, Michigan built this 17.5′ Down East-style lobster skiff to enjoy on northern Michigan’s small lakes. To construct the hull, he milled and dried white cedar from trees he’d removed from a building site. The boat features a lot of brightwork, including a mahogany transom, breasthook, and gunwales. It’s powered by a 60-horsepower Evinrude outboard.

Instagram Features

@Nantucket Millworks

Natural mahogany door by @nantucketmillworks

Natural Mahogany Door


Necklace pendants

Olive Wood & Blue Epoxy Line Necklace Pendants


Compass Rose Table Top

Compass Rose Table Top


Side Table with Hairpin Legs & Walnut Top

Side Table with Hairpin Legs & Walnut Top