strip plank soaker tub

Readers’ Projects, Issue 53

cedar strip canoe

A cedar strip canoe by Kurt Mangseth.

This strip plank soaker tub (featured image at top), and cedar strip canoe (directly above were both laminated with WEST SYSTEM® 105 Resin®/207 Special Clear Hardener®. they are the work of Kurt Mangseth of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Eager El catamaran

The catamaran Eager El, designed and built by Chris Righetti.

Righetti Rocker

The Righetti Rocker, designed and built by Chris Righetti.

Chris Righetti of Barra de Navidad, Mexico designed and built the catamaran Eager El as well as the Righetti Rocker (both above).

waterfall table by Bill Bauer

Waterfall table by Bill Bauer.

Bay City, Michigan carpenter and frequent Epoxyworks contributor Bill Bauer created this whimsical waterfall table.

hockey skate repair

Chet Asher repaired his hockey skate with G/flex Epoxy.

Chet Asher of Ocean City, New Jersey repaired the broken blade holder on his hockey skate with 105 Resin/205 Fast Hardener and 6 oz. fiberglass cloth.

The Unlimited canoe, ALALA

The Unlimited Canoe, ALALA, built by Donald Weir.

Alala, a 7-seat, 45′ Unlimited Canoe built by Donald Weir of Hilo, Hawaii was featured in Epoxyworks 52. Here she is under sailboard and sail with a crew of 4.