Jean-Yves Poirer's Zinnia

Readers’ Projects, Issue 8

Jean-Yves Poirier’s Strip-Planked Boats

Jean-Yves Poirier of Atyre, France, built these strip planked boats with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. Above— ZINNA, a half replica of an English 19th-century racing dinghy, 18′ long, 177 sq. ft. sail area, 400 pounds. Below—NYMPHEA, an ultralight Thames rowing skiff, 23′ long, 145 pounds.

Jean-Yves Poirier's strip-planked Nymphea

Nymphia, by Jean-Yves Poirier


Miss Talbot

Miss Talbot, a wooden speedboatThe 20′ double plank cedar and mahogany MISS TALBOT was designed by Kaufman & Associates and built by Mast & Mallet in Galesville, Maryland. The boat’s top-end speed is 54 knots.

Celebration was restored by teenage Sea Explorers

Celebration was restored by teenagers

In Norwalk, Connecticut, Celebration was fully restored by teenage Sea Explorers.

Outer Island

Outer Island Kayak
Outer Island is a 17’10” strip built Greenland kayak built of cedar and pine and sheathed in 6 oz. glass cloth and epoxy. Builder Jay Babina of Branford, Connecticut mixed photocopy toner and epoxy to color the epoxy block to match rubber hatches.

Humpback Whale Tail Sculpture

Sculpture of humpback whale tail
Sculptor William D. Bosworth of Beaufort, South Carolina, created Humpback Whale Tail using WEST SYSTEM products. It is one of many pieces of environmentally sensitive artwork on display through the Environmental Arts Association, of which Mr. Bosworth is President and Principal Artist.



14’6” Whilly Boat is the Handiwork of James Curry

Ian Oughtred Whilly Boat
This Ian Oughtred – designed 14’6” Whilly Boat is the handiwork of James Curry of Clinton, Connecticut. Following WoodenBoat Plan #104, Mr. Curry constructed the boat of 1/4” lapstrake Sapele plywood, glued and coated with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. All structural members are Honduras Mahogany, spars are Sitka spruce and the floorboards are teak.

Aerodynamic Bodywork

Sung Ho Kim racing his motorcycle
Sung Ho Kim of West Concord, Massachusetts, racing at the New Hampshire International Speedway. He uses WEST SYSTEM Epoxy for aerodynamic bodywork on motorcycles.


16′ Chestnut Prospector Canoe

Chestnut Prospector canoe
Sean McEntee, left, of Mamaroneck, New York built this 16′ Chestnut Prospector canoe in the garage of Geoff Fletcher, right. Mr. McEntee used red cedar, ash and 10-ounce fiberglass, along with WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin and 205 Hardener.

Elegant Kedros Canoes

Kedros Canoes
These elegant canoes were crafted by Kedros Canoes in Duluth, Minnesota.