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Your Canoe Building Connection

People from all over the world have read Canoecraft by Ted Moores & Marilyn Mohr. This illustrated guide to building a strip canoe has helped many first time builders create elegant canoes. Bear Mountain Boat Shop is the company behind the book, a family business that has much to offer the strip canoe builder. Continue reading

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About Ted Moores

Ted Moores is a renowned boat builder, author, and teacher whose name is synonymous with stripper canoes. He and his partner Joan Barrett own Bear Mountain Boats in Peterborough, Ontario.

Ted has written a four-part series of articles on lessons (and “cheap tricks”) learned from building his 30′ Electric Hybrid Launch Sparks which incorporates the knowledge he’s gained from 35 years of wood/epoxy boatbuilding.

Above: Ted  Moores and partner Joan Barrett showing off their wooden model canoe kit.

See Lesson 1 of the SPARKS series—Strip Planking
See Lesson 2 of the SPARKS series—Fiberglassing a Strip-Planked Boat
See Lesson 3 of the SPARKS series—Skeg Construction
See Lesson 4 of the SPARKS series—Sealing and Priming
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