The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction, 5th Edition

Epoxyworks Special Edition

Cover Photo: The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction, updated and revised in 2005.

The 5th edition of The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction comprises a thorough review of best practices, 20% new and updated material, and a revised layout for easier navigation. Each chapter was reconsidered in terms of evolving technology, new techniques, and the successes and failures of over thirty-five years of experience. We believe that the updates and improvements will enhance the value of this reference text for amateurs and experienced professionals alike.

You will find detailed discussions of a wide variety of wood/epoxy boatbuilding techniques, along with focused discussions on interior construction, application of fabrics and fiber reinforcements, and much more. We spent considerable time and attention on updating the chapters on hardware and fastener bonding, a hallmark of versatile, high-performance wood/epoxy construction. The simple proven techniques outlined in the book provide builders with a durable high-performance technology suitable for marine and non-marine applications alike.

We have been encouraged by the resurgence in amateur boatbuilding over the last ten years, especially in the area of paddle sports. Many people have cut their teeth on small craft and are feeling ready for a more challenging project. If you have built a kit kayak or stripper canoe and are planning that next boat project, this is the primary source on the techniques and materials needed to build any wood/epoxy composite boat, no matter how simple or complex.

As we have shared in these pages for over twenty-five years, epoxy composite technology is versatile, durable and empowering. This book grounds you in the many techniques that allow you to build just about anything you can dream up. If your dog-eared, shop-worn copy of an earlier edition hasn’t been returned by that friend who borrowed it, here is your chance to replace it with an up-to-date expanded copy.

The 5th Edition of The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction is available through West System dealers – Where to Buy or contact West System Inc. at 866-937-8797 (toll free). Or download a free digital copy.