Tips on Tipping & Filleting

Epoxyworks reader Jim Cronan of St. Ignace, Michigan completed a Phil Bolger designed Martha Jane that he had worked on for five years. He offed a couple of suggestion the helped him with his project.

He uses spring clamps to hold a roller segment for a tipping brush rather than fastening it to a long stick. When one edge of the brush wears out he turns the roller segment around and uses the other edge.

Jim like perfect fillets. He uses this tool he made of 1/2″ plywood and 1/2″ high-pressure hose. The hose radius is smaller than the fillet radius so the edges aren’t sanded away. The holes in the handle help to grasp the sandpaper so it doesn’t slide around. He says the sanding block’s design permits him to use a lot of pressure to quickly knock down imperfections in the fillets.