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Stitch & Glue Details

by Captain James R. Watson

You may have read my articles about how to build mail boxes, canoe paddles, wheels, tillers, how to get glue off clothing and so on. Somebody called the other day and asked, “You ever build a boat?” Well, it so happens I’m building one right now and it’s a good example for describing the latest stitch and glue techniques. Continue reading

Making a Deck Crown Tram

by Captain James R. Watson

A deck crown tram is a device used to describe a specifc curve or crown of a deck regardless of the deck’s width. To make a deck crown tram, begin by laying out a baseline on a piece of plywood. Make the line the length of the largest (widest) deck beam. Drive a nail at either end of the baseline to represent the beam ends (points A and B). Draw a centerline between points A and B. Continue reading

Flat Washer Scribe

by Brian Knight—GBI Technical Advisor

Most woodworkers, at one time or another, have to scribe a piece of wood to fit closely to an irregular surface. Here is an old boat builder’s method to scribe a line to a gently curved surface. The only equipment necessary is a collection of different size flat washers and a sharp pencil. Continue reading

Use Release Fabric for Smooth Fillets

by Jim Derck—GBI Technical Advisor

Our 403 Microfibers and 405 Filleting Blend are excellent structural fillers but they’re fibrous and leave a rough surface when used to make fillets. To end up with a surface that is ready for coating or re-bonding without having to remove amine blush or sand smooth, apply a narrow strip of 879 Release Fabric after the fillet is made. Continue reading