Epoxyworks then and now

About Epoxyworks

Published twice a year (September and March) by Gougeon Brothers, Inc., Epoxyworks is a magazine about building, restoring and repairing with epoxy. It offers helpful tips, the latest techniques, projects you can build, readers’ projects, and news from the Gougeon research and test labs. Epoxyworks enjoys a readership of approximately 80,000.

In July of 1977, Gougeon Brothers Inc., the manufacturer of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy products, produced the first issue of The Boatbuilder, an 8-page black and white newsletter about building boats with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. The Boatbuilder gradually grew in length, content, and readership. In the autumn of 1992, we changed the name to Epoxyworks.

With the name change, we switched to full-color printing and expanded the scope of the magazine far beyond boat construction while still including lots of articles on building everything from yachts to multihulls to kayaks. We began to cover all kinds of epoxy projects from fiberglass boat repairs, to home repairs, to knife-making, to refurbishing everything from furniture and musical instruments to sports equipment and automotive. If you can build, modify, repair, or restore it with epoxy, we cover it. Because we know that once you start using epoxy to build a stripper canoe, you’re going to look around and figure out how else you can use this amazingly versatile adhesive and coating material.

In the late 1990s, we launched the online edition of Epoxyworks, and we upgraded the site to WordPress in 2014.

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