Epoxy safety

Free Safety Guide for Epoxy Users

By Glenn House

Gougeon Brothers has composed a definitive safety guide for WEST SYSTEM epoxy users, called EPOXY SAFETY. The 12-page booklet contains general health, safety and environmental information, and explains basic precautionary measures for the typical epoxy user. It also covers some specific health problems that may result if these measures are ignored.

Additional health, safety and environmental information can be found on the product warning label and in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). For each Gougeon product that can create health problems with overexposure, there is an SDS available. All sellers of our products must supply customers with an SDS upon request.

Epoxy Safety is a free download. WEST SYSTEM Product SDS  are cataloged for free download at westsystem.com. For additional health, safety and environmental information regarding WEST SYSTEM Products, call us 866-937-8797.

Free download of Epoxy Safety

Full listing of WEST SYSTEM product Safety Data Sheets