Other Uses

Other Uses Manual — Free Download

Are you a boat owner wondering what to do with some left over epoxy? Or are you a homeowner who has recently discovered the strength and versatility of epoxy? Have some projects around the yard that need a permanent fix? Other Uses is a free downloadable 16-page manual to some of the most common uses of WEST SYSTEM epoxy around the home and yard. It provides tips and techniques for using epoxy for home repairs, modifications and renovations. 

These are practical ideas from our own home repair projects, and from epoxy users who have contributed ideas to Epoxyworks or talked to our technical staff about all kinds home epoxy projects. Chapters include:

Sealing & Protecting Surfaces—Basic barrier coating/smooth coating • Sealing around sinks and counter tops • Sealing knots and flaws in trim • Building abrasion-proof decks • Sealing concrete floors • Sealing plaster and drywall • Sealing wooden posts

Repairing Rot Damaged Wood—Drilling and filling rotted wood • Excavating and filling rotted wood • Excavating and replacing rotted wood • Repairing windows and doors • Repairing thresholds and sills • Molding trim in place

Joining & Joint Repair—Laminating custom lumber • Repairing cracked and broken wood • Gluing trim joints • Gluing biscuit joints • Repairing furniture joints

Bonding Hardware & Reinforcing Structures—Bonding fasteners • Bonding hardware • Bonding anchor bolts • Splicing posts and beams • Reinforcing sagging wooden beams • Bonding sister planks • Building trusses and beams

Tile, Masonry, Metal & Plastic—Repairing cracked plaster • Reattaching sagging plaster • Bonding bricks and stones • Repairing cracked toilet tanks • Setting tile • Repairing metal and fiberglass auto bodies • Repairing cracked concrete • Bonding PVC plastic

Download a free copy of Other Uses