a roll of paper towels

Clean White Paper Towels

Q. What should I wipe the surface with before applying WEST SYSTEM Epoxy?

A. Use water and paper towels.

If using a solvent, like acetone, make sure to use clean, white, non-printed paper towels—not a rag. Using printed paper towels with acetone or other solvents can make the ink rub off, contaminating the newly sanded surface.

If solvents are used with a new or laundered rag, fabric softeners or detergents may contaminate the surface. It is rare, but I’ve seen cases where contaminated rags cause fish eyes in the epoxy surface.

Use only white paper toweling and your sanded surface will thank you for it.

—Greg Bull — GBI Technical Advisor


For more information about preparing surfaces for coating, read Brian Knight’s article “Avoiding Surface Contamination” in Epoxyworks issue 20.