Readers’ Project, Issue 44

Larry Columbo built WILDEST DREAMS, a 30′ tall, swan-shaped floating sculpture on his front lawn in Brewster, New York. The unusual watercraft has a cabin that sleeps two just below the neck. The swan’s wingspan is 60′. Larry is a commercial artist who has built other boats, including a 16′ Viking ship and a 42′ Roman Galley. He uses WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

ROCKET Ice Yacht restored with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy

We came across the historic ROCKET ice yacht at the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Conn. The ROCKET is 50′ long has a 900 sq. ft. sail and was built in 1888. After many decades of deteriorating in storage and some stop and start restoration attempts, the surviving parts (cockpit, plank, and rudder) were sold to a foundation that formed to restore the historic vessel. In 2003, the Rocket Ice Yacht Foundation of New Jersey purchased what remained of ROCKET for one dollar from the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club. The project was led by boat builder Bob Pulsh, a retired plumber from Port Monmouth N.J. Bob and his team of volunteers used WEST SYSTEM Epoxy to restore and reconstruct the ice yacht’s parts. The project was completed in 2014.


Vintage image of ROCKET. She weights about a ton, and requires ice that’s about 12″ thick and strong winds to sail. In the right conditions, this ice yacht may reach up to 100 mph.

This Maloof style rocker was built by Ed Kreusser of Corvallis, Oregon. He used fiddleback maple and ebony. The runner bodies are made up of 9 laminations, and their leg platforms have an additional 11 laminations each. All is fused together with G/flex epoxy. He began using G/flex to bond oily cocobolo rosewood and appreciates the long open time, gap-filling qualities, strength, and creep resistance.