Readers’ Projects, Issue 55

Jeff Hobgood used WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin and 207 Special Clear Hardener to epoxy the mahogany veneer to the steel panels on his customer’s ’48 Packard. “I used the epoxy to vacuum bag the veneer to the steel panels before placing them back inside of each door and the tailgate. I also used G/Flex in some of the joints to make them strong. The technical advice on what products to use for my project helped make my project a success, as you can see in the photo.”

Phillip Delaney worked from 1982 to 1987 restoring his Thistle sailboat, Osprey, with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy and assistance from our technical service. “Don’t know how I would have ever restored #376 without you. Epoxy changed my life.”


Brian Burns makes traditional Spanish guitars, using WEST SYSTEM Epoxy at several points in their construction. “I vacuum-bag laminate my three-ply sides, filled the pores of open-pored woods (like rosewood, Spanish cedar, and mahogany), and epoxied on fingerboards with it. WEST SYSTEM is also used for other little jobs like adhering back joints and inlays.”


Larry Andersen carved this full size 1932 ford 31 years ago and his product has NEVER failed. NOT one piece of wood has ever come apart.


After building a canoe and paddle board, Rich Amy of Eden Prairie, Minnesota needed a new challenge. He built this 14′ teardrop camper in his garage. The outer skin is redwood and Baltic birch with fiberglass and WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.


Michael Stendzis built a 14′ Seneca Pacific Power Dory from plans between May 2019 and July 2021. In her construction, he used copious amounts of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy. “The process was incredibly fun, with lots of challenges to figure out as I went. I had never completed a woodworking project of this scale before. The boat is a plywood on frame design, wrapped in fiberglass/epoxy and paint. She is named Camilla C as a tribute to my beloved grandmother.”