Relief from Fiberglass Irritation

By Tom Pawlak — GBI Technical Advisor

Working with fiberglass fabrics can cause skin irritations ranging from minor itching to a serious rash. It’s caused by microscopic, needle-like fiberglass spindles of that prick your skin. It helps to protect your skin with gloves and long or disposable protective sleeves, but here is what to do if you’re faced with a fiberglass-induced itch.

You can use a vacuum to remove fiberglass dust, but the discomfort may persist if fiberglass shards are embedded in your skin. The best way to get relief is to apply masking tape to the affected area, then gently pull it off. Embedded fibers will come away with the tape. The relief is almost instant.

We have had satisfactory results using this method to remove fiberglass from between our fingers, the inner side of our arms and around our necks. However, you shouldn’t try this method on hairy areas, unless you are really desperate.

Another way to get relief is to wash the affected area with a high-quality hair conditioner, such as Pantene Pro-V. The conditioner seems to lubricate and smooth the fibers, making it easier to dislodge them from your skin. To prevent further irritation, be sure to thoroughly rinse the conditioner from the affected area.