Scheherazade Update

Courtesy of Hodgdon Yachts

Epoxyworks #23, Spring 2006

Cover Photo: Scheherazade, a 155′ Ted Fontaine-designed ketch. Image by Onne van der Wal.

Hodgdon Yachts of East Boothbay, Maine launched of the 155′ ketch, Scheherazade. She is a beautiful union of wood/epoxy technology, elegant design and superior craftsmanship.

You may recall from Epoxyworks 17 and 19 that Scheherazade was to be one of the largest cold molded wood/epoxy vessels ever built in the United States. Her 3½” thick hull is made of inner and outer layers of 7/8″ Douglas fir planking running fore and aft and separated by
four diagonal layers of 7/16″ western red cedar bonded with WEST SYSTEM® epoxy.

Douglas fir replaces the cedar in highly loaded sections of the hull. All fasteners used to install deck hardware (including the massive winches) are glued in place with epoxy thickened with high-density fillers.

Visit for a look at past projects and progress on the Ted Fontaine-designed 98′ ketch currently under construction.


Designer Designer
Interior designer Andrew Wench
LOA 154′ 7″
Beam 28′ 6″
Draft 13′
Main mast height 174′ above deck
Mizzen mast height 110′ above deck
Sail area 9,940 sq ft
Hull thickness 3½”
Bare hull weight 110,000 lb
Ballast keel weight 150,000 lb