Soundproofing a Generator

By Ted Wasserman

The enclosure is constructed with 2 lb lead sheet sandwiched between 24 oz double-biased stitched mat using WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy. The thickness of the enclosure is 1/16” and has a mass of approximately 2 lb per square foot.

The enclosure is lined with 1 1/2″ Soundown’s Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier (Tuff Mass®) with a density of 2 lb per square foot.

The combustion air intake muffler is constructed from fiberglass heating pipe covering with an inside diameter of 1½” and an outside diameter of 3½”. It is lined with a metal screen. The exterior is covered with fiberglass and is double baffled.

The generator is set on vibration mounts that allow for the base to be completely lined with the Soundown. All hosing, piping and wiring is tightly sealed so as to retain sound. As you can see in the pictures, we retained the factory enclosure.

The net result is that I have lowered the sound level by 10 decibels. We now enjoy our Mase IS2.5 generator. We don’t hear it!

The generator installed on its soundproofed base. The generator with the soundproof enclosure in place.