Using Dowels to Align and Stitch Glue Panels

By Dan Anderson

Here’s a tip that we heard about too late to use on the prams, but one that we can’t wait to try. The tip comes from Dan Anderson of Fairgrove, Michigan via local boatbuilding instructor John Schmude.

Dan uses a short section of ” wooden dowel rod under each wire tie to help align the edges of plywood panels as he is stitching them together. The dowel prevents one edge from riding over the edge of the other and can improve fairness of the joints and panels.

The wire or connecting the panel edges passes over the dowel section on the inside of the joint, clamping the panel edges to the dowel.

Fillets applied between the dowels will hold the hull’s shape when cured. After removing the wires and dowels, a continuous fillet with fiberglass tape is applied along the joint in the usual manner.