waters dancing kayak kits

Waters Dancing Kayak Kits

Easy-to-Build Kayaks

Waters Dancing started selling boat kits in the late 1950’s. The company is putting finishing touches on a new line of competitively priced kit kayaks from 14′ to 21′. Their Lightning 17′ has proven itself in the field, with many already built and paddled throughout North America. Don Moore has developed a unique method to join plywood and assemble boats.

The kits utilize the QuickLock System™ an interlocking connector joining system, which makes these boats easy to assemble without sacrificing strength or durability.The QuickLock System holds a number of advantages for boat builders. It easily distinguishes the bow panels from the stern panels. It also automatically takes care of longitudinal alignment of the panels (no more string lines and measuring, no more cutting plywood butt blocks). The wrong panels cannot be connected together (they won’t fit). The pieces cannot be joined upside down (they won’t fit). Joining these panels is a “snap”, saving four hours or more over traditional methods, and you always get a clean, attractive joint. Boat builders also gain increased accuracy, higher strength, and better shaping than with either butt blocks or scarf joints, which can leave a slight flat spot on the hull at the joints. The QuickLock System eliminates those flat spots.

Waters Dancing manuals are comprehensive—an average of 100 pages with photographs as well as CAD drawings—and they’d be delighted to talk with you at any time about any questions. A copy of the WEST SYSTEM User Manual & Product Guide, is also provided. These kits and manuals make it possible for even the most hesitant beginner to create his or her own beautiful boat and join the many others who love paddling in the great outdoors.

waters dancing kayak kits

Waters Dancing offers easy-to-build kayak kits such as this one.