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Number 56, Spring 2023


Epoxyworks 56, Spring 2023

Building a Soaking Tub
Babka’s Custom Wooden Dog House
Bond Girl’s New Custom Rudder Support
Crafting a Decorative Wooden Board
Calculating Laminate Thickness
How Much Epoxy Will It Take?
Jacque Coon’s Drift Boat Build
RV Wall Replacement
Preparing to Fair
Wooden Boat Centre Works Wonders with WEST SYSTEM
Readers’ Projects, Issue 56


Epoxyworks 56 is also available as a PDF


Number 55, Fall 2022

EW Issue 55

Epoxyworks 55, Fall 2022


Rustic Wood Wall Art
Epoxy Provisioning for Circumnavigating Antarctica
Swim Platform Rebuild
Making Appropriate Structural Reinforcements to Your Boat
Proper Fastener Bonding
Repairing My Boat’s Plastic Console
Tennessee Bridge Built with G/flex® Epoxy
Disposable Gloves
Veneering a Transom
Building a Strip Kayak
Readers’ Projects, Issue 55

Epoxyworks 55 is also available as a PDF


Number 54, Spring 2022

Epoxyworks #54 cover featuring the NELDA RAY, a Farrier folding trimaran

Epoxyworks 54, Spring 2022.


The Great Lakes Boat Building School is Growing
Balsa Core Alternatives
BO-PEEP II 75-Year Refit
Restoring BO-PEEP II’s Tender
Home Repair Projects with WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy
Wet Rudder Repair
Aluminum Mast Step Repair on a Farrier Trimaran
Spraying Epoxy (please don’t)
Protection for Aging Thresholds
Yellow Glue vs. Epoxy
Readers’ Projects, Issue 54

Epoxyworks 54 is also available as a PDF

Number 53, Fall 2021

A wood/epoxy vase by Ed Lewis

Epoxyworks 53, Fall 2021


New Bed for a Tired Truck
Chris-Craft Transom Repair
Getting to Know the Scarffer®
Kids Rescue Two Club 420 Dinghies
How to Make a Wood & Epoxy Vase
Applying Epoxy on Vertical Surfaces
DIY Window Screens for Car Camping
Tackling Thru-Hull Repairs on Takara
Snow Sled Built with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Lulu, The Biggest, Baddest Trailer Sailer
Building CLC Stand-Up Paddleboards
Readers’ Projects, Issue 53

Epoxyworks 53 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks #52, Spring 2021

Epoxyworks 52, Spring 2021

Number 52, Spring 2021

Big, Beautiful Barn
Coating Small Parts
Oh, the Places You’ll Go
The Restoration of a 1957 Fiberglass Runabout
Stormy Weather
Repairing Gelcoat Stress Cracks
Boat in a Box
Flame Treating Plastics
G/flex 655 Epoxy, now in a Convenient Dual Syringe
Go with the Faux
The Art of Choosing a Topcoat
Unlimited Canoe
Weatherproofing my Little Free Library
High-Tech Composites will Revive Champion Keelboat
Readers’ Projects, Issue 52

Epoxyworks 52 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 51 cover, Jon Staudacher hydroplane and airplane

Epoxyworks 51, Fall 2020

Number 51, Fall 2020

Jon Staudacher’s Approach to Projects
Quality Control: It’s What We Do
Improving Impact and Abrasion Resistance
Mammoth Tusk Restoration
Surviving FLICKA’s Capsize, Part 2
Carbon Skinning
Making Knives with G/flex
Choosing the Right Wood for Your Boat Repair
Gaff Repair
Thickened Epoxy Application
Readers’ Projects, Issue 51

Epoxyworks 51 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 50 Cover

Epoxyworks 50, Spring 2020

Number 50, Spring 2020

River Hornet
The Stradivarius of Drums
Surviving FLICKA’s Capsize
105 or G/flex?
Avoiding Respiratory Irritation
Laminate Repair: Infusion vs. Wet-Bag
Sea Hood Repair
Morning Sun – A Workstar 17
Creating Nonskid Surfaces
Readers’ Projects, Issue 50

Epoxyworks 50 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 49, Fall 2019 back issues

Epoxyworks 49, Fall 2019

Number 49, Fall 2019

Using a Quick Mold
The Basics of WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Casting Epoxy
The Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar
Italmas Revisited
Methods for coating on All Sides
Clear Coating with 207 Special Clear Hardener
What do I wipe the surface with before applying WEST SYSTEM Epoxy?
Building a Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff
Building Composite Parts
Vacuum Bagging Basics
Readers’ Projects, Issue 49

Epoxyworks 49 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 48

Epoxyworks 48, Spring 2019

Number 48, Spring 2019

Michigander—A 21st-Century Stern Steerer
50 Years
Aluminum hinge repair
Pietenpol Air Camper
Cemetery Monument Repairs
I Walked with Giants
Chris Craft Baby Runabout
Specialty Epoxies
Composite Snowshoes
The Joy of Six10
Winona State University
Honeycomb-Embedded Furniture
Boy Scout Composite Klondike Derby Sled
Readers’ Projects, Issue 48

Epoxyworks 48 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 47 back issues

Epoxyworks 47, Fall 2018

Number 47, Fall 2018

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
Mini Skeeter
Triple Threat—38 Years Old and Counting
A Pine and Epoxy Fence, Age 20
Aged Epoxy Boats Still Winning Big
Online Forums are the Bane of My Existence
Creativity is Contagious
300 Mini Pumps
Fiberglass Repair on a Yamaha Wave Runner
Readers’ Projects, Issue 47

Epoxyworks 47 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 46, Spring 2018

Epoxyworks 46, Spring 2018

Number 46, Spring 2018

Wooden Window Repair
Refinishing a Wood Strip Canoe
Meade A. Gougeon
Railroad Repair
A Penguin in Iowa?
Aluminum Boat Repairs
Joining Plywood
Readers’ Projects, Issue 46

Epoxyworks 46 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 45 back issues

Epoxyworks 45, Fall 2017

Number 45, Fall 2017

The Marita
Bronze, Glass and Epoxy Sunflowers
Clamping Basics
Building the Modern Vardo
Faster, Neater Fillets
Obsessing about Obsession
Penetrating Epoxy—legend or myth?
Epoxied Porch Columns and Railings
Bubble-Free Casting in Knotholes and Cracks
Large Wooden Vessel Repair
Hot Canary becomes Vivacious
Michael A. Barnard
Readers’ Projects, Issue 45

Epoxyworks 45 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 44 back issues Wooden bicycle

Epoxyworks 44, Spring 2017

Number 44, Spring 2017

A Wooden Bicycle Frame
Stayin’ Awake at Daryl’s House
Sunfish Wood Restoration
Epoxy Bowl
WOW 17 Years Later
One Small Trailer and a Teardrop
Self Defense Canes
Tunnel Hull
My First Cadillac
You Can Build It With Fiberglass
Bonding With Fillets
Great Lake Boatbuilding School – 2016
Readers’ Projects, Issue 44

Epoxyworks 44 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks 43 back issues

Epoxyworks 43, Fall 2016

Number 43, Fall 2016

Fake It Until You Can Make It
G/flex Does It
Big Red Gets His Smile Back
An Outdoor Ceiling Fan Support Crane
Boats as Art
Azek PVC Decking
Hog Tide Deck Repair
Merit Badge
Adagio, Still Formidable After 46 Years
Cold Weather Bonding
Readers’ Projects, Issue 43

Epoxyworks 43 is also available as a PDF

Epoxyworks #42, Spring 2016 back issues

Epoxyworks 42, Spring 2016

Number 42, Spring 2016

Van Dam Custom Boats – Part Two
A Tall Ship for Drummond Island
Warm Temperature Bonding
Cockpit Sole Repair
Sea Ray 400 Seat Repairs
Applying Polyester Gelcoat Over Epoxy
Hog Tide Project
Strings‘ Float
Shiloh, an Argie 15
Readers’ Projects, Issue 42

Epoxyworks 42 is also available as a PDF

Number 41, Fall 2015

Epoxyworks 41

Epoxyworks 41, Fall 2015

Pedal Car
National Sailing Hall of Fame
Techniques for Fiberglassing Overhead
Carbon Skinning – Why Reinforce with Carbon Fiber
The Carbon Fiber Look
Big Jon Needs a Little Help
Hartland Boatbuilding
That’s a Fact! Useful Information About WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Big Nose Pete – Male Mold Plug & Composite Shell Construction Techniques
Snowboard Repair
Van Dam Custom Boats – Part One
The Lemniscate Hull, a Chineless Gull Wing
The Restoration of the Rebel
Readers’ Projects, Issue 41

Epoxyworks 41 is also available as a PDF

Number 40, Spring 2015

Epoxyworks 40 back issues

Epoxyworks 40, Spring 2015

Six10 Adhesive Finds a Home in “Boutique Style” Construction
502 Black Pigment
The Great Lakes School of Boatbuilding Graduated the Class of 2014
Talkin’ the Talk
Profile of an American Craftsman
A Rendezvous with History: Les Staudacher and Tempo ALCOA
G/flex Weds Wood and Glass Crystal
Dirt Bike Loading Ramp
Fairing Basics
G/5 Five-minute Epoxy: a versatile glue for hobbies, crafts and home repair
Skiff Details
Aluminum Adhesion
Readers’ Projects, Issue 40

Epoxyworks 40 is also available as a PDF

Number 39, Fall 2014

Epoxyworks 39

Epoxyworks 39, Fall 2014

Drumming in Circles
Smiles All Around
Flying Dutchman Restoration
Simple, effective home repairs & projects
Controlling Exotherm
Light as a Feather
When the Cat’s Away
STRINGS Centerboard Adjustment
588 Miles Per Gallon
Vacuum Bagging a Skim Board at MITES
Boat Building in Bay City
Epoxy Basics by Russell Brown

Epoxyworks 39 is also available as a PDF

Number 38, Spring 2014

Epoxyworks 38 back issues

Epoxyworks 38, Spring 2014

The 37th Annual Wooden Boat Festival 2013
Composites Merit Badge
Bottom Fairing ADAGIO
Repairing an Edison Concert Phonograph
The Norway Boat
Common Errors in Fiberglass Repair
Building the Dream
Keeping our Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Alive
Goblet Rx
Introducing Bryan Jacobs
G/flex Keel Repair
Readers’ Projects, Issue 38

Epoxyworks 38 is also available as a PDF

Number 37, Fall 2013

Epoxyworks 37

Epoxyworks 37, Fall 2013

Unconventional Adventure—Building North Canoes
SLIVER Project
Advantages of 879 Release Fabric
Replacing a Small Boat Cabin Sole
Improve Wooden Paddles and Oars with G/flex
Small Projects and Repairs
Smaller Can Be Better
Time is Everything—A Last Minute Ski Repair
Kitchen Remodel with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
What’s New at Staudacher’s Shop
Mother of Invention—Spring-Loaded Wire Cutters
New Gougeon Brothers, Inc. Technical Building
Will It Stick?
What You Can Do If You Don’t Want Epoxy To Stick
How Six10 was Formulated
Readers’ Projects, Issue 37

Epoxyworks 37 is also available as a PDF

Number 36, Spring 2013

Epoxyworks #36, Spring 2012 back issues

Epoxyworks 36, Spring 2013

Best of building issue—some articles may be duplicates from older issues.
The Building Issue
Start Off Simple
Building a Curved Wall
Building a Barbecue Grill Table
Fabricating an Air Scoop
Building a Masthead Fitting
Jan C. Gougeon
Building a Ladder to the Heavens
Fence & Gate Construction
Building a Pair of  Chesapeake 16 Kayaks

Number 35, Fall 2012

Epoxyworks 35 back issues

Epoxyworks 35, Fall 2012

Historic Wooden Dories in the Grand Canyon
Make Your Own Grapnel
Sealing and Priming
Auto Body Repairs with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Getting the Most Out of G/flex
Building My First Skiff
Recycling and Disposing
Determining Epoxy’s Physical Properties
Repairing JESTER—Who’s Laughing Now
Letters to the Editor~White Oak
Stray Cat Strut
The Modern Bronze Age

Number 34, Spring 2012

Epoxyworks 34

Epoxyworks 34, Spring 2012

Pleasant Bay Columns
Building a Custom Stained Glass Mold with G/5
Skeg Construction for SPARKS
The Coupe DeVille of Epoxy Caddies
Bubble-free Coating
Adhesive Bonded Structures
Foam Strip Plank Boatbuilding
White Oak Redux
Construction of a Lantern Post
New Repair Kits
Outdoor Sculpture Sculptor

Epoxyworks 34 is also available as a pdf

Number 33, Fall 2011

Epoxyworks 33 back issues

Epoxyworks 33, Fall 2011

Jan Gougeon Launches STRINGS
Sanding Tricks of the Trade
Soundproofing a Generator
Fiberglassing a Strip-planked Boat
Flying Dutchman Repair
My Biggest Project Ever
Pouring 105/207 on a Bar Top
Shop Floor Testing
Quick Fix for a damaged Table Saw Ripping Fence
The Michigan School
THERAPY in Detail

Readers’ Projects, Issue 33

Epoxyworks 33 is also available as a pdf

Number 32, Spring 2011

Epoxyworks 32 back issues

Epoxyworks 32, Spring 2011

Ted’s Jewel Box
Strip Planking SPARKS
A G/flex Modified Snow Shovel
Building My First Strip-Planked Boat
Building Iakos
The Everglades Challenge
Building the i550 HOT CANARY
Build What You Can’t Buy
A Magnesium Crankcase Repair
The Apprenticeshop
Tables of Content
Readers’ Projects, Issue 32

Epoxyworks 32 is also available as a pdf

Number 31, Fall 2010

Epoxyworks 31 back issues

Epoxyworks 31, Fall 2010

Sassafras 16 Family Build Weekend
So Stands the Mighty Oak
Wooden Bicycles, Seriously
Repairing Damaged Wood Trim
Repair of the Tartan Ten, FLAGS
BOLERO Restored
Why You Want a Hugh Saint Boat
Harken Flexible Furler Repair
Repairing a Plastic Hatch with G/flex
Norwegian Gunning Dory
Testing for Damage Tolerance
Of Applecores and Deadeyes
International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS)
Guitar Hero
Readers’ Projects, Issue 31

Epoxyworks 31 is also available as a pdf

Number 30, Spring 2010

Epoxyworks 30

Epoxyworks 30, Spring 2010

Reflecting on Sailing Days Past
Project X Fairing Techniques (STRINGS)
The PT Skiff
Making Custom Wastebaskets
Bicycle Frame Repair vs Wall Art
Make Your Own Soft Eye Pads
Treading Lightly with ZOGO
Using Google SketchUp to Design a New Cooler
Fast Blister Repair with Six10
Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building
The Artistador
Readers’ Projects, Issue 30

Number 29, Fall 2009

Epoxyworks 29 back issues

Epoxyworks 29, Fall 2009

The Gougeon 12.3 Canoe
Turning a Gougeon 12.3 Canoe into a Kayak
Kayak Lessons Learned
Drift Boat Building in the Foyer
Project Brighter Future
Pioneers of Speed
Resurrection of the Dalotel DM 165
Testing, Testing, 1 2 3
G/flex Saves the Race
Building an Ecosystem for Salmon
Great Lakes Boat Building School
Artist Christopher Tully
Readers’ Projects, Issue 29

Epoxyworks 29  is also available as a pdf

Number 28, Spring 2009

Epoxyworks 28

Epoxyworks 28, Spring 2009

Looking Back
Attaching Line Guides to Fly Rods with G/flex
Saving the Deck
Building the Arch Davis Sand Dollar
Plastic Engine Cover Repair
Marquetry Made Easy
Weather Forecast: Destruction
Using G/5 as a Clear Filler for Dented Varnish Trim
Camper Panel Repair
Small Craft Builders’ Rendezvous
Saving Your 801 Roller Frame
Bates Technical College Builds Boat Builders
Why People Build Boats
Readers’ Projects, Issue 28

Epoxyworks 28 is also available as a PDF

Number 27, Fall 2008

Epoxyworks 27 back issues

Epoxyworks 27, Fall 2008

Building a Pair of Chesapeake 16 Sea Kayaks
The Lighthouse Project
G/5 Uses and Tips
A Quick Fix to a Broken Spinnaker Poles
Fiber Reinforcing Tapes
The Glenn Curtiss Museum
WEST SYSTEM Introduces Six10
Understanding Six10 Physical Properties
Practical Tips for Using Six10
James Wharram Designs
Unveiling of UK’s Biggest Ever Rocket Ship
The Landing School Presents the Arundel 27


Number 26, Spring 2008

Epoxyworks 26

Epoxyworks 26, Spring 2008

Building the FIFTY PLUS
Summer in the City
Building Composite Tubes
Repairing a Walnut Gun Stock
Storm the Castle
Quick Lawn Mower Repair
Gluing Plastic with G/flex
Repairing a Royalex™ Canoe with G/flex Epoxy
D-ring Pads and G/flex Epoxy
Upright Bass Repair
Fasteners Demonstrate G/flex Toughness
Mixing G/flex Epoxy with other WEST SYSTEM Epoxies
How to Build a Set of Planer Boards
Large Scale Event Sculpture

Number 25, Summer 2007

Epoxyworks 25

Epoxyworks 25, Summer 2007

Birth of the Gougmarans
Depth Sounder Installation
Moisture Exclusion Effectiveness
Installing a Removable Hatch
WEST SYSTEM Launches G/flex Epoxy
Understanding Flexible Properties
Patch Holes in Aluminum Boats with G/flex Epoxy
Fix Leaking Rivets in Aluminum Boats with G/flex 650
G/flex Shoe Repair: A Step in the Right Direction
Repairing a Hockey Stick
Building a Grandson’s Formula 1 Ferrari
Tools for Measuring Epoxy Quantities

Number 24, Fall 2006

Epoxyworks 24

Epoxyworks 24, Fall 2006

The RASCAL Project
Transom-Saving Tip
Building a Barbecue Grill Table
A Mile High in Huntsville
Accelerated Testing: Hot Soak Moisture Uptake
Repairing Rotted Topmasts on APPLEDORE IV
Revisiting a Church Window Restoration
Cleaning Tools
Borate Salt Treats Decayed Wood
Fortifying a Spare-Parts “Scootboard”
Developing Multihulls
One-Shot Pot Repair
Metal Door Repair

Number 23, Spring 2006

Epoxyworks #23, Spring 2006

Epoxyworks 23, Spring 2006

The Limitations of Statues
Fabricating an Airscoop
Building a Masthead Fitting

If You Can’t Take the Heat
Rebuilding an International 110
Comparing Cost and Weight of Flat Panels
Practical Uses for Razor Blades
Building a Guillemot Kayak
Giving BOUNTY HUNTER a New Skin
Building a Planter Box
Improved Mold Strongbacks
Staudacher Strongbacks
Big Bicuspid

Epoxyworks 23 is also available as a PDF

Special Edition, Fall 2005

Epoxyworks Special Edition back issues

Epoxyworks Special Edition, Fall 2005

5th Edition of The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
WEST SYSTEM Boat Gallery:
Alpha Z
Babyface Nelson
Bear Mountain Boats
Butler Pram
Golden Dazy
MV Shelby Ann
Rogue Wave
Staudacher Hydroplanes
Titantic (movie model)
Top Hat
USA 002 Racing Skiff
Yother’s Canoe


Number 22, Winter 2004

Epoxyworks 22

Epoxyworks 22, Winter 2004

Projects/Tips from the Shop of Jon Staudacher
Building the Number One Chair
Repair Non-Skid and Get Professional Results
Rebuilding a Rudder
Bonding Fasteners in High-Density Urethane Foam
Effects of Surface Treatments on Adhesion to Metals
WEST SYSTEM Epoxy vs Polyester for Fiberglass Repair
Polyester Over Epoxy
Table Top Applications
What the ….

Number 21, Spring 2003

Epoxyworks 21

Epoxyworks 21, Spring 2003

The Importance of Stiffness in Small Boat Performance
There Will Be a Test
Building For Long-Term Competitive Performance
Custom Fiberglass Boat Repair
Woods of the World Adhesion Testing
Chopped Strand Mat & Epoxy
Epoxy Adhesion Over Stains
Adding Pigments to Epoxy
A Better Way to Prepare Laminates
Furniture Repair with G/5
Repairing Machined Holes in Fiberglass
Repairing a Cracked Plaster Ceiling
Fence Construction Revisited
Installing a Basketball Goal
Testing Bolts Bonded into Concrete
Building Photographic Darkroom Sinks
The Three Lives of Cosmic Muffin
Readers’ Projects, Issue 21

Number 20, Fall 2002

Epoxyworks 20

Epoxyworks 20, Fall 2002

Installing a Teak Deck on ZATARA
Creating a Non-Skid Deck
Avoiding Surface Contamination
Wood/Epoxy Sump Cover
Emergency Pump Repair
Installing a Bow Thruster
Testing DCPD Blend Laminates
Replacing Damaged Bulkheads
G/5 Adhesive Tips
Old Lady Survives a 70 MPH Blast
Repairing an Historic Statue
Readers’ Projects, Issue 20

Number 19, Spring 2002

Epoxyworks 19

Epoxyworks 19, Spring 2002

Testing Large Bonded-In Fasteners
Replacing Damaged Balsa Core
Protective Skin Creams—Do They Affect Adhesion?
Scrapers—Versatile Tools for Working with Epoxy
Damian McLaughlin Rebuilds ARION
Building an Efficient Icebox
Repairing Chairs with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
A Quick Architectural Fix
Fiberglass Tub and Shower Repair
Rocket Science
Readers’ Projects, Issue 19

Number 18, Fall 2001

Epoxyworks 18

Epoxyworks 18, Fall 2001

Building Prams for a Community Sailing Program
Estimating Epoxy Amounts
Using Dowels to Align Stitch and Glue Panels
Laminating Construction Gives Lasting Value
Varnish Over Epoxy
No Visible Means of Support
Supported in Style
Building a Wood/Epoxy Sharpie—Phase II
Wood/Epoxy Composite Tank Guidelines
Plywood Basics
Make Shop Tools Quickly with G/5
Product Highlight: 804 Reusable Mixing Sticks
Paul Butler’s New Maxi-Mac
Lake Erie Lady
Readers’ Projects, Issue 18

Number 17, Spring 2001

Epoxyworks 17 back issues

Epoxyworks 17, Spring 2001

TENACIOUS, a Look Back
Comparing Surface Preparation Techniques
Beam Me Up
Repairing Individual Gelcoat Blisters
Wet Sanding Epoxy
Bonding Corion™ and Wilsonart™ Laminates
Wood/Epoxy Longevity
Carrying Place Canoe & Boatworks Ltd.
A Kayak with a Message
Readers’ Projects, Issue 17



Number 16, Fall 2000

Epoxyworks 16

Epoxyworks 16, Fall 2000

Discovering the Sailing Canoe
“If You Were Just More Flexible…”
Modern Decked Sailing Canoes
Building Components with Kevlar® Braid
Building a Leeboard Bracket
Evolving the Sailing Canoe Rig for Cruising
Stabilizing a Concrete Block Foundation Wall
Composites on Wheels
Plastic Boat Repairs
Bonding a Skeg to a Polyethylene Kayak
Gluing Plastic Dimensional Lumber
Garbage Disposal Repair with Epoxy
Fiberglassing a Woodstrip Hull
Bear Mountain Boat Shop
That’s No Lady
Readers’ Projects, Issue 16

Number 15, Spring 2000

Epoxyworks 15

Epoxyworks 15, Spring 2000

Oak and Walnut Staircase
Mahogany Masters II – Morin Boat Works
Restoring the Gaff-Rigged Sloop REEB
Testing House Paint Primers
Building a Wood/Epoxy Sharpie, Phase I
Nose for Speed
Waters Dancing Kayak Kits
Open Wide



Number 14, Fall 1999

Epoxyworks 14

Epoxyworks 14, Fall 1999

Mahogany Masters I – Van Dam Custom Boats
Building Payson’s Rubens Nymph
Mold Release, PVA and Hair Spray
New Window Frames for STARDUST
Building Composite Fan Shrouds
Launching ANTONISA
Fence & Gate Construction
Thinning WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Science Fair Testing Wins Awards
Hydromat Test—An ASTM Standard
Porch Railing Coating Analysis

Number 13, Spring 1999

Epoxyworks 13

Epoxyworks 13, Spring 1999

The Versatility of Epoxy
Sheathing & Rolling in Southampton
Ventilation – Keeping Your Boat Dry
Tips on Tipping & Filleting
The Phoenix Racing Team Steam On
More on Laminating Wooden Beams
Plywood Boat Construction
ANTONISA Construction Details
Building a Curved Wall
Hardware Bonding
More on Hardware Bonding
Rolling the 64′ Schooner MISTRAL
Sandpaper Tricks for Random Orbital Sanders


Number 12, Fall 1998

Epoxyworks #12, Fall 1998 back issues

Epoxyworks 12, Fall 1998

TITANIC, the Model
A Laminated Boat Shelter
Jonathan Clowes’s Mobiles
The Yazaki Ark
Flight of the J. RENEE
Building Circular Window Frames
Foam Things in Disguise
A Plywood Runabout
Battleship Replica
Rudder Repair
When Things Were Rotten
Fiberglass Application Tools
Readers’ Projects, Issue 12

Number 11, Spring 1998

Epoxyworks 11

Epoxyworks 11, Spring 1998

Set Building with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
Repairing a Runabout Floor or Pontoon Deck
Stringer Repairs in Fiberglass Boats
Jubilee Sailing Trust (Tenacious) Project
Techniques for Fiberglassing Overhead
Repairing Fiberglass Powerboat Transoms
Ash/Epoxy Luge Sleds
Wood & Epoxy Car
Table Top Applications



Number 10, Winter 1998

Epoxyworks #10, Winter 1998

Epoxyworks 10, Winter 1998

Strip Construction, an Overview
Types of Strip Plank Material
How Tough Are They?
Planking Basics
Making Tight Bends
Edge Gluing Fixtures
Holding Strip Planks in Place
Edge Fastening
Start Off Simple
Panel Warping
Building a Ladder to the Heavens
How to Make a Solar Filter
Getting the Clearest Fiberglass Finish
Bear Mountain Boat Shop, Your Canoe Building Connection
The World’s Largest Wood/Epoxy Ship
How I Repaired a Wood-Cored Diving Board
Jack’s Fast Filleting Tool

Epoxyworks 10 is also available as a PDF

Number 9, Spring 1997


Epoxyworks 9, Spring 1997

Hodgdon Building 124′ Yacht
An Update on Wingspread
Installing a Wooden Checkerboard Floor
How the Old Guy Won
Big Batch Mixing Methods
RAGE, a West Coast Success
Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Simple Shop Tools to Make
Fiberglassing — Shop Tips
Maine Boat Builders Show
A Few Good Books
Readers’ Projects, Issue 9

Number 8, Fall 1996

Epoxyworks 8 back issues

Epoxyworks 8, Fall 1996

Shelf Life in Real Life
Adding Pigment to WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
The Recommissioning of ADAGIO
The Wingmast Advantage
Climbing Drum Peel Test for Adhesives
Repairing a Hobie 16
Fairing a Fiberglass Beach Cat’s Bottom
Bass Straights Crossing in a Pedal Boat
Repair Tips: Backer Plates & Mounting Cleats
Fiberglass Removal Technique
Sharp Fiberglass Corners
Other Uses Manual — Free Download
Indoor Pool Repair
Calculating Epoxy for Fiberglass Laminates
Olympic Kayak Repair Team
Handy Tools You Can Make
Effects of Cool Temperature on Adhesion
Readers’ Projects, Issue 8

Number 7, Spring 1996

Epoxyworks 7

Epoxyworks 7, Spring 1996

Free Safety Guide for Epoxy Users
Durable, Beautiful Teak
The Structural Repair of Wingspread
Producing Parts in a Matched Mold
Assessing Material Strength for Small Parts
House Paint Primer Performance
Joining Plywood
Plywood Scarffing Methods
The Vacuum Table
Relief from Fiberglass Irritation
Vinegar—Save it for Salads
WEST SYSTEM Epoxy Passes RINA Boil Test


Number 6, Fall 1995

Epoxyworks 6

Epoxyworks 6, Fall 1995

Boat Recycling—An Historic Tradition
Teak Wheel in a Weekend
Spraying Epoxy is a Bad Idea
New Beach Cat (Part II)—Final Details
An Air Cushioned Launcher
Staying Within Your Budget
Getting the Most out of Mini Pumps
Restoration of a Figurehead
A Brief History of the H.M.S. Unite
Drying DOVE’s Feathers
Restoring MELANIE’s Deck
Light-Duty Mold Construction
Epoxy Take Up of Various Fabrics


Number 5, Winter 1995

Epoxworks 5

Epoxyworks 5, Winter 1995

Hula Moon & Queen St.
Using Epoxy with Oak

Low-Tech Adhesion Testing
Creating Wood Veneer Stair Treads
New Beach Cat (Part I)—The Hull Story
A Temporary Shelter
Ask the Chemist
Specialty Tools for Fairing
Furniture Building Tips
Repairing Cracks in Concrete
Patching Concrete Blocks


Number 4, Spring 1994

Epoxyworks #4, Spring 1994

Epoxyworks 4, Spring 1994

Decades of Epoxy Technology
A Gadget for Easy Syringe Filling
Minimizing Amine Blush
Threshold Repair
Ticonderoga: Testing for the Toughest Deck Coverings
Composites You Can Build
Gelcoat Blister Repairs
Big Shoe Repair
A Build-It-Yourself Drill Guide
Bonding PVC Plastic with Epoxy
Stitch & Glue Details
Making a Deck Crown Tram
Flat Washer Scribe
Use Release Fabric for Smooth Fillets


Number 3, Fall 1993

Epoxyworks 3

Epoxyworks 3, Fall 1993

Periodical Offers Boat Plans
Strong, Elegant Estate Furniture
Polyester “Rots”
Building Techniques & Race Results
A Dual-Level Computer Stand-Up Desk
An Epoxy & Fiberglass Roof
Home-Built Station Wagon
Building a Retractable Rudder Case
Cold Temperature Bonding and Coating with Epoxy


Number 2, Spring 1993

Epoxyworks 2

Epoxyworks 2, Spring 1993

Instructional Materials Provide Epoxy Basics
Rigid Wing Sails
Gougeon 32 Update
What All Those Tests and Numbers Mean
Epoxy Shelf Life
Build Your Own Billiard Table
Air Quality


Number 1, Fall 1992

Epoxyworks 1 back issues

Epoxyworks 1, Fall 1992

Restoring the Whalebone Arch
How to Get Epoxy Off Your Clothes
Laminating TRADER in Estonia
How to Build Rudders & Centerboards
How to Loft Airfoil Sections
Durable Edges for Rudders and Centerboards
Building a Mini Hydroplane
Proper Disposal of Leftover Resin & Hardener
Homemade Soap

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